Album Review: In Dynamics – Everything I See

It’s hard to believe whilst listening to ‘Everything I See’ that this is in fact In Dynamics’ first full-length record. Keeping in mind their various past EPs, it’s clear to see how hard the trio have channelled all their energy into creating their own defined sound which is predominantly poppy but with their own incorporated edginess in this self-release.

Admittedly, ‘This Is The Start Of Nothing’ isn’t the most encouraging title for an opening track but thankfully it sets the album up with a warm and melodic feel whilst also adding layers with subtle moments seemingly intricate guitar play whilst ‘We Are Liars’ has the classic singalong chorus nailed.

‘A String Of Losses’ is the centrepiece that displays Beau Bolden’s vocal work, boasting range and falsetto ability, carried by the quick and meticulous drum work by Arcane Roots’ Jack Wrench. Single ‘Leviticus’ was what intrigued me back in April. The lullaby-like softness and enthralling harmonies of this song comes so slap bang in the middle of the record that it almost acts as an interlude, albeit quite abrupt when ‘Another Minute’ next kicks in with the heaviest track so far.

‘Existence Precedes Essence’ is similar but it becomes apparent that the crisp and precise production work may have hindered the grit and rawness of the album as a whole, leaving it feeling a little tame. However, the title track rounds the album off perfectly and draws the journey to a close fittingly.

In Dynamics have certainly got their own take on how things should sound. With their crowd pleasing choruses, intricate instrumentation and modern pop elements, the trio create a refreshing blend which is pleasing to the ears of any listener. There’s still a little way to go but the Sussex lads could well be onto big things very soon.


’Everything I See’ by In Dynamics is out now.


Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_ni)

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