Album Review: Greeley Estates – The Narrow Road EP

Album Review: Greeley Estates – The Narrow Road EP

imageIf there is one band in the metalcore scene that deserves more credit it would be Greeley Estates. Since forming in 2002 the band have been touring the music scene for ten years, have released five albums and an EP. This being their latest EP (first in a double EP), it’s something different to bring to the metalcore table.

Kicking off in intense style ‘The Narrow Road’ builds up with drum rolls and the guttural fifteen second scream comes in backed up by heavy riffs. With electronic flourishes giving a haunting feel in the background it adds an essence of grandeur. Second trackHead Underwater’ kicks in with some straight to the point screamed lyrics “Head under water, gasping for air, I watch the whites of your eyes disappear”. The simple and detuned riffs mixed with some haunting guitar leads give the song an eerie feel.

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Standout tracks on the EP are ‘Lot Lizards’ and Watch It Burn,’ with some fast paced guitar riffs with added double bass and prominent, rumbling bass they both showcase the heaviness of the band. By far the heaviest and fastest song on the EP is the aptly named ‘Die.’ A pummelling triplet bass drum with some fast guitar riffs, it goes along at 90mph and showcases a faster sound for the band; the electronic sounds coming in again in the background gives the song a scary feel.

The band touches upon many subjects on this EP, one which is overly is having hope and encouragement in life. Lennox House’ is the band’s hope fuelled song with a simple sounding guitar riff, some guttural screams and a few slowed down parts; it’s nothing exceptional but it gets the theme of the song across well. Final song off the EP ‘Doomsday’ does what it says in the title, creates a doomsday feel with plenty of screams and alot of heavy sounding riffs, bringing the EP to a residing high.

What the band have produced here is a much heavier and more visceral affair than any other metalcore releases this year.  The drums are faster, the riffs are heavier and the vocals are beyond visceral as frontman Ryan Zimmerman screams with every fibre of his being. With a second EP to be released next year to combine with this first release, the second EP is something to look forward too.


‘The Narrow Road’ EP by Greeley Estates is available now on Bandcamp.

Greeley Estates links: Facebook|Twitter|Purevolume|Bandcamp

Words by Aaron Wilson (@soundslikeajw)

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