Album Review: Great Sale Day – Wild & Chunky

imageWhen it comes to side-projects those involved to form them for two reasons; 1) to flex their creative muscles and out of the confines of their “day job” or 2) to simply have some fun and not to make something that isn’t so serious. For the members of Great Sale Day, they’ve incorporated both of those reasons into this new project. For Andrew Fisher (Basement), Ed McRae (previously of Your Demise), Daniel Frye (Unholy Majesty) and Ben Saker (Breaking Point,) this new venture sees them moving away from their regular hardcore surroundings and take on a more 90’s alt-rock influenced sound.

When ‘True (Why Can’t You Be?)’ and ‘Best Friends’ appeared online before the release of ‘Wild & Chunky’, I was interested to hear what the quartet had to offer. Both tracks are firmly rooted in the fuzzy guitar-led sounds of Weezer and Nada Surf; ‘True (Why Can’t You Be?)’ could easily be mistaken for Weezer’s ‘Susanne’. However despite these promising early showings, ‘Wild & Chunky’ doesn’t quite meet up to my expectations.

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The logic of GSD being swept under a wave of 90’s rock is something that is very much in tact from start to finish. Tracks like ‘Up In The Clouds’ are reminiscent of post-‘Nevermind’ Nirvana. Whilst ‘Shout Out To The Girl In The Red Dress, I Feel You, Shout Out To The Guy In The Armani Jacket, I See What You’re Doing There.’ blends 90’s grunge with pop sensibilities that could be compared to The Beatles’ early work. It’s an intriguing combination yet neatly works.

For example the bands eponymous track is breezy, fuzzy number that bounces along with high-pitched “oohs” and Saker’s simple yet effective drum work. Elsewhere ‘Calm Down, Slow Down’ and ‘Your Medicine’ highlight the bands pop sensibilities alongside stirring harmonies and screeching guitars.

Unfortunately due to its short running time and lack of variation, ‘Wild & Chunky’ doesn’t have the lasting impact I had hoped for. Although there is enough here to keep your attention for a moment, and the final result isn’t spectacular but then again that was never GSD’s aim.

On the whole ‘Wild & Chunky’ is a short, fun yet somewhat forgettable release that ideally pays tribute to its influences, and serves its purpose as a side-project but nothing more.


‘Wild & Chunky’ by Great Sale Day is out now on Close To Home Records.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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