Album Review: Gold Skies Ahead – Chapter One EP

Post hardcore newcomers Gold Skies Ahead have started their musical career on a high after being approached by producer Justin Hill (Young Guns, Enter Shikari, Rise To Remain) to record their debut EP ‘Chapter One’ just over one year into formation.

The four track record is certainly admirable for a band who have been together for such little time with an overall aggressive post hardcore feel. There is a lack of substance in some sections of the EP but this is soon forgotten with infectious choruses and captivating riffs and after a few listens the tracks have grown on me.

The Truth In Front Of Me’ which has been released as debut lead single is a strong opener on the record and a personal favourite out of the four tracks. The combined vocals of Jimmy and bassist Kenzi make the chorus a dominant section of the track with its memorable lyrics and sing-a-long vibe.

Third off the EP ‘Candles’ is another powerful track and outshines others on the record, showing an expressive side of the quartet by removing the aggressive riffs and replacing them with calmer melodies. This works really effectively for the band and highlights their post hardcore tendencies, with vocalist Jimmy’s screams functioning to create a passion that is discrete in other areas.

Despite there being minor areas of improvement, Gold Skies Ahead have produced a very commendable debut EP with ‘Chapter One.’ What some areas lack, others make up for and considering their short time together the quartet should be confident of a future in the post hardcore scene. 


‘Chapter One’ by Gold Skies Ahead is out now.

Gold Skies Ahead links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|YouTube|Big Cartel

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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