Album Review: Glow Kit – Glow Kit

What are garages good for? Storing cars? Keeping all that old junk that your Dad doesn’t want to throw away just yet? I can’t even remember because I’m sat in mine now as it’s an office. Do a lot of people just convert their garages? Glow Kit certainly didn’t. They made a garage rock/punk band, and that’s exactly what garages are good for. Ok, they might not have actually ever practiced in a garage, but one can dream… right?

14 short bursts of riffs, vocal melodies and vintage sounding production that make up this self titled album. As an album it makes total and utter sense. It feels like a blast from the past whilst also being so absolutely fresh that it’s just come out of the oven that’s in your garage and your Mum glazed it with a little bit of pop because she has a sweet tooth. Saying that, there’s still a raw feel to it which definitely brings out that dusty and gritty sound that a garage would have if it could talk. Rawer than a slab of steak ready to be cooked. MMMMM!

The album is so quick that it’s hard to think of much more to say! On first few listens it’s hard to fully distinguish which song is which, but I’m sure that lyrics and riffs will stand out and become more distinguishable after a few rounds.

Indie fans should like this. Punk fans should like this. People who still have garages should give it a try as well. I’m off to find a garage now so I can start a band in it.


‘Glow Kit’ by Glow Kit is out now on Alcopop! Reocrds.

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Words by Michael Brown.

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