Album Review: Future Talk – The Path That Sadness Paved EP

There’s one three word phrase that can be used to ably describe Gloucestershire quartet Future Talk’s sound so that even the most pedestrian fans of alternative music fans will be able to firmly grasp it. However, it’s unfortunate that it’s a phrase that’s used far too often when describing new bands. That phrase is ‘melodic British rock’.

The images of your You Me At Sixes and your Mallory Knoxes should be coming up about now. If they are then congratulations – you’ve more or less got Future Talk pegged. Yes, ‘The Path That Sadness Paved’ is four tracks of melodic, chorus-heavy alt-rock in which originality not so much takes a back seat to catchiness, but more is tied up and gagged in the back.

Still, to chastise them for this too much is a bit harsh – they are a new band after all, and are yet to fully realise their sound. As it is they do what they do really well, with the ratio of instrumental hookiness to vocal star-grabbing pretty much nailed. Tracks like ‘Sleeping Pills’ or ‘The Cliffs As A Reminder’ would never be off Radio 1 if penned by one of the scene’s leaders, such is this band’s knack for crafting some quality anthemic pop-rock.

Nevertheless, there’s a nagging feeling that Future Talk may have got the formula a bit too well. There’s very little that allows them to stand out from a crowd that’s near saturation already, and to achieve such a goal they’re going to have to pull out something pretty special. They might just about survive for now, but evolution is crucial to continue this in future.


‘The Path That Sadness Paved’ by Future Talk is released on 24th August.

Future Talk links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Luke Nuttall(@nuttall_luke)


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