Album Review: From Embers – From Embers EP

A minute and a half into this EP and the lyric ‘You’ll get what you deserve’ has already cropped up in a shouty angst, as the clean vocals then take over with some guitars tapping away. It was kind of expected and a bit on the cliché side. Ok, so quite on the cliché side unfortunately. There’s nothing outstanding, totally original or special about this EP.

I don’t like saying that! Trust me, I really don’t. Unfortunately I can’t like everything I listen to and I’d be a bad journalist if I wasn’t being honest, right? There’s just nothing that hasn’t been done before. There’s certainly some Fei Comodo and Funeral For A Friend in here, but a poor man’s version at the most.

The second and third songs on the EP are both featuring other people. I’ve no idea who these people are but somebody thinks they’re important enough to name them on these tracks, which kind of makes me think the band are relying on this in a way. Maybe they’re just friends and want to be like ‘Hey guys! Our friend sounds good!’ and want to credit them.  Thing is, I’ve no idea who these guests are and so it doesn’t seem necessary.

The EP sounds like a teenage band who managed to scrape together enough money to get a decent recorded EP for a band of their age. Lyrics like ‘It’s all because of you’ do tend to solidify this teenage idea. Until the band deliver some absolutely astounding songs on their next record then I can’t see them getting any further than they are now.


‘From Embers’ by From Embers is out now.

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Words by Michael Brown.

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