Album Review: Forever Can Wait – Beauty&Grace EP

imageIt’s always difficult when a female-fronted band playing alternative music tries to break to the scene without being compared to Paramore. This is mostly down to the fact that the Franklin, Tennessee group perfected this years ago, come and gone are the clones and they are still top of their game. Forever Can Wait could be described as an ‘All We Know Is Falling’ period Paramore with a post-hardcore sound and for the most part it works.

From Southampton the quintet have been gaining popularity recently and have even played Download Festival this year, which is excellent exposure for a band whose taste is so versatile.

The title track ‘Beauty&Grace’ firmly brings in the band’s new sound. Sheering guitars and fluidic drumming with a cynosure on heavy cymbals splashes brings an ‘epic’ height to the song. From here the delicately spoken vocals play into the mix and brings a lighter mood to the haunting instrumentation.

The track ‘Rest’ alone needs to be mentioned for its crunchy bass that is placed rigidly on top of the mix. Throughout secondary vocals are interlaced against singing from the main vocals in the chorus, this makes for some beautiful harmonies which hopefully will make more of an appearance in future releases as they sound stunning.

‘Excuses’ is one of if not the strongest track on the EP. The whole song is one continuous building crescendo with heavy downtuned chords and empowering vocals, which end on a soaring high note from an already again outstanding vocal delivery.

The one thing that Forever Can Wait could of done in this EP was taken a few more risks. It’s a well-rounded release but many of the songs are similar in structure and design. There wasn’t anything enchanting that made this reviewer’s ears ping up in delight but rather was just appeased from beginning to end.

Overall this EP plays it safe. This isn’t going to breaking any new ground but if you’re a fan of catchy alternative/rock then there is a lot worse you could do.


‘Beauty&Grace’ by Forever Can Wait is out now.

Forever Can Wait links: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Words by Grant Fullick


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