Album Review: Fathoms – Lives Lived

’Lives Lived’ is the first full length from Brighton Hardcore mob Fathoms. The band have built a good reputation for hard hitting heavy riffs and there is no shortage of them on this effort. Recorded by Ben Humphreys (Architects, Enter Shikari), ‘Lives Lived’ is an ambitious album with more than your average hardcore release.

The album opens with ‘Hate Resonates’, a one minute long onslaught of almost Djent-type riffs and growled vocals. It is instantly noticeable that Fathoms pay close attention to making their music really groove, the riffs in this song are huge! It then moves seamlessly into ‘Graveyards’ which continues in much the same vein. The technical riffs and blistering drums provided are an ideal backdrop for Max Campbell’s distinctive growls. The first breakdown is devastating fast and heavy, this will no doubt cause absolute bedlam live.

One of the most stand out tracks on the album is lead single ‘Hell’. Whilst the usual heavy technical riffs are here in abundance, it is the clean vocal hook that catches the listeners attention most. It may only be brief, but it provides a welcome break and shows a depth to the songwriting beyond the breakdowns and riffs.

’Dilated Dreaming’ is another huge track. It starts slower than the earlier songs on the album, however this does little to break up the brutal and relentlessness as we are soon back into known territory. If you are a fan of blast beats and breakdowns you will love this album. Interestingly it also covers slightly more ground than you’d imagine, which opens it up to other fans too. Towards the end of ‘Dilated Dreaming’, the clever mix of screams and clean vocals shows a different side to Fathoms, who then slow it down even more with a gangchat over clean guitars too, which is just begging to be shouted along to live.

My personal favourite is ‘Sleeping Dreaming’, it has every single calling card of Fathoms’ brand of hardcore; the huge riffs, frantic drums and the mix of clean and screamed vocals. ’Lives Lived’ is full of life, a breath of fresh air in a sometimes tired genre. It will surely take Fathoms to the next level as a band. Be sure to catch them live, where all these sounds will no doubt shine.


’Lives Lived’ by Fathoms is out on now on Ghost Music/Artery Recordings.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)

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