Album Review: Fat Goth – Stud

imageUnearthing themselves out of the ground with their second full length, Dundee rockers Fat Goth bring along a bounty of noisy, balls-out rock songs to feed the starving minds of the amble music fan. With a new member in the form of Kevin Black from post rock band Laeto, this band are certainly going to start causing ripples in the saliva and movement in the tongues of many; to put it in simple terms, based on this weird rock ‘n roll effort, word of mouth about this band is sure to spread efficiently.

The likes of ‘Surf’s Down’ and ‘Creepy Lounge’ unfurl riffs that wrap around one’s ear canals, fastened tightly with dirty sounding basslines which simply act as the icing on the cake of tongue in cheek shouty and somewhat odd sounding rock ‘n roll shenanigans. Creeping into the outskirts of such madness are hints of softness and melody which come swiftly round the corner during the folky and euphoric whistle layered stylings found in ‘Pinball Moron’. This identifies diversity in feeling and mood within the record.

There is currently a trend in fun fuelled noise rock, Fat Goth is a great example purely for the fact that said tag/sound is not the only thing they play; as a unit they bring something different to the plate i.e. a broad range of influences which provides enjoyable entertainment at its finest. The shining figurine on this column of varied fun is the song You’ll Find Me In Da Club (And To Be Perfectly Frank, I’m Having A Cracking Time!)’, a raucous galloping riff tarnished ode of intricate musicianship that shows snarling vocals and off the scale instrumentation.

Overall, Fat Goth have managed to successfully create a fun filled platter of rock ‘n roll awesomeness with added hints of slow melancholy and euphoria for good measure that is sure to keep listeners occupied in the year ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a solid record to kick off 2013.


‘Stud’ by Fat Goth is available on 28th January on Hefty Dafty Records.

Fat Goth links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)

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