Album Review: Fans of Faye – Designed To Be

Stourbridge quintet Fans of Faye have, technically, been around for 10 years come next year. Lead vocalist Zachary Hart formed the band when he was just twelve back in 2003. Over that time period, Fans of Faye have grown and matured in many ways; the death of a close friend, Faye, caused them to stick with the name they are now known by and gave them the catalyst to pour their passion into their work, creating their soon-to-be released debut album, ‘Designed To Be.’

Singles ‘Paint the Sun’ and ‘Ghost’ is every radio DJ’s dream; saucy guitar licks and vocals that can steal your heart in an instant, Fans of Faye have definitely used their experience to their advantage. Spending time to work on their music rather than rush straight into gigging is evident during tracks such as ‘I’m Not Your Artwork’ and ‘Are You Finished?’ displayconsistent and tight drum work complimenting their big, melodic bass line.

Intricately delicate riffs are evident during ‘Reckless’, sliding over smooth and strong vocals. Fans of Faye are a quirky and kooky band that knows how to instantly brighten your mood with their passionate and dynamic indie-rock. 

‘Basically’ follows the similar gut-wrenching and honest path that this young quintet have employed over the course of their album – deeply entrenched passion gives way to a more emotional ‘Bloodshed’. Roaring choruses twist to life, bringing mighty riffs with them as Fans of Faye work their magic on us.

Closing off with ‘Swing With Me’, it’s evident that Fans of Faye still have a bit of growing to do; their wings aren’t fully formed yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they can truly show off just how brilliant they are.


‘Designed To Be’ by Fans Of Faye is out on the 11th November on Little Windmill Records.

 Fans of Faye links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

 Written by Jessica Tagliani (@JessTagliani)


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