Album Review: Falling In Reverse – Just Like You

Falling In Reverse will, hopefully, never exhaust their plethora of opinions on the world as we know it. Time to take a step in reverse, reflect on their heavier roots and revive what brought Radke and co. to the fore.

Having settled the score with Escape The Fate, ‘Just Like You’ is intended as a ‘sequel’ to Radke-era ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion’, embracing a return to guttural growls and destroying riffs. But it’s the cheesy quips and novelty tracks that hang in the balance – can they simultaneously juggle their radio-ready reputation?

Title track ‘Just Like You’ proves just that – its contagious pop energy alongside the toe-tapping ‘Get Me Out’ brings back the best of ‘Fashionably Late’. However, the effect is temporary, stepping aside for the metalcore cry for help ‘Chemical Prisoner’, which shines in the hands of shredder Jacky Vincent’s consistently flawless performance. The defiant and relentless Falling In Reverse is back with a vengeance.

The fantastically dark ‘Stay Away’ could have well done without the vulgar ‘Good Girls Bad Guys’ vibe of ‘Sexy Drug’, distracting from Vincent’s heart-stopping solos throughout ‘My Heart’s To Blame’ and ’Wait And See’. As a scathing commentary on modern life, the latter replaces egotistical raps with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that “all these kids just feel the need to cut themselves on the wrist”. However, embracing the quirks of iconic metalcore with a techy invasion and towering crowd chants, this track paves the way for the fast-paced punishing ‘Die For You’, bursting with energy and venom.

“This is your last warning, I’m not the same”, spits the cautionary ‘Stay Away’. It’s true, Falling In Reverse are not the same. There’s no ‘Alone’ to be found, as the out-of-place rapping is transferred to Radke’s solo project. On balance, however, the tame reflections of lead single ‘God If You Are Above…’ showcase a previously unexplored emotional depth. As punishing as the first three, ‘Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)’ voices a testament to their buried hatchet with Escape The Fate that remains six feet under – a welcome return to the aggressive vibe shows Ronnie has by no means forgotten his roots.

Although somewhat watered down by the strain of ‘The Bitter End’, Radke’s phenomenally driven vocals burst free with every track, but none more so than the unexpectedly solemn ‘Brother’, which touches on far deeper relatable emotions than the likes of ‘Drifter’ and ‘Keep Holding On’. Questioning “why is it always stormy weather?”, the heartbreakingly reflective piano track closes the record on a valuable message – “hold onto the ones you love”.

“The world as we know it is a motherfucking battleground” and Falling In Reverse are here to reassure you that you’re not fighting on our own. In fact, they’re ‘Just Like You’.


’Just Like You’ by Falling In Reverse is out now on Epitaph Records.

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Words by Ali Cooper (AliZombie_)

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