Album Review: Everyone An Army – The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right EP

‘The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right’ is the new EP from promising 3-piece Everyone An Army. This is an intellectual EP both lyrically and musically and sounds not dissimilar to The Xcerts or Brand New.

The band themselves list Nine Inch Nails and Echo and The Bunnymen amongst their influences and this is apparent in the music they create. Opening track ‘Sang Real’ bursts forth in a wall-of-sound eardrum assault, a chaotic multi-layered wave of noise. Its’ anti-monarchist lyrics bounce off the angry and discontented guitars to spiteful and furious effect. There is a passion in their music that enamours at first listen. These boys are no flash in the pan.

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‘Clio’ is a bitter and confused, melancholy masterpiece showcasing a brooding and intelligent sound. There is honesty to the lyrics that vocalist Martyn Hughes spits with the conviction and spite of a Smiths-era Morrissey; the words are cutting, clever and insightful and truthfully poetic. Deeply introspective and painfully honest, Hughes shares his disdain for the musical views of an unnamed party before bitterly conceding that “One thing’s certain, set in stone, I’m a mess." There is something truly mesmerising about the vocals. Slower and more sombre than its’ accomplices on the EP, ‘Clio’ still packs a punch as it explodes into a mess of feedback and wailing guitars.

Closer and title track ‘The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right’ is, well, a thundering triumph of noise. Poised on a knife-edge of sanity, the track builds slowly and steadily with more intellectual lyrics balanced against an ethereal guitar sound which leads into an almighty crescendo of powerful alternative-rock guitars that would make Radiohead shrink away.

Everyone An Army have a fresh and remarkably well-polished sound and this EP is 3 tracks of dark genius. It is a confident, brash and deeply intelligent collection of songs that resonate with modern British culture.

Three genuinely brilliant songs of disaffected malcontents who have huge potential.


‘The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right’ EP by Everyone An Army is available now on Bandcamp.

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Words by Tom White (@whiteywitters)

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