Album Review: ElevenEleven – Life EP

Aberdeen’s post-hardcore outfit ElevenEleven have seen band members come and go and have been through more as a band than most put together. Releasing their second EP ‘Life’as a free download and currently embarking on a coinciding UK tour, the band are determined as ever to prove that nothing that they have previously faced will get in their way.

Setting off the EP is ‘Lost, a track that initiates a dark tone with slow, lone guitar. Joined by atmospheric drums, the distinct high range vocals of Chris Spencer and screamed backing vocals, ‘Life’ has already started on a promising note. The track is very gentle in parts which soon kick into heavier, darker sections that keep the listener engaged. The vocals in these gentler parts are deep, soon reaching high pitches to add to the atmospheric nature of the track.

‘Iscariot’ is very similar in structure to ‘Lost’ in the sense that it twists and turns between gentle and heavy sections. Still impressing are Spencer’s vocals, hitting a range of admirable emotive notes and adding a unique element to the bands sound. The percussion keeps at a steady mid-pace throughout the darker sections, slowing down in the calmer parts with sometimes only a sign of cymbals to keep in tone with the ambience. You know you’ve got a good track on your hands when despite being a lengthy six and a half minutes long, you still feel completely engaged throughout.<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Life EP by ElevenEleven</a>

The dark mood of the EP changes somewhat in ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Chemical Dreams’ with a change in song structure offering more upbeat rhythms and percussion. ‘The Other Side’ opens with an energetic hook that is repeated throughout and although still at a mid-pace, the atmosphere created is unexpectedly different to what it has been.

Completing ‘Life’ is closing track ‘The Ocean’ which takes the listener back to the sounds of the opening, focusing on the changeover between the opposing lighter and darker sections. Despite being good at it, ElevenEleven become slightly predictable with the repetitive nature of their structure. The crossover vocals combining both high range and screamed elements provide a good ending for the track, reiterating and mirroring the emotions that they have faced both as a band and individuals in the past.

Despite being predictable in structure in certain tracks, ElevenEleven has succeeded with their ‘Life’ EP. It would have been great to hear the heavier backing vocals present in more of the record: they added extra substance to the already meaty tracks by emphasising the emotional ambience present in sections of ‘Life.’ Nonetheless this EP is definitely deserving of a listen, and even if it’s not for you, you’ll be bound to appreciate the talent and determination of the five-piece.


‘Life’EP by ElevenEleven is available now for free download on Bandcamp.

ElevenEleven links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)

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