Album Review: Driveway – South Ossetia EP

Over the last 18 months or so the Republic of Ireland has produced a number of noteworthy bands (Starters, Time Spent, The Winter Passing, Kate’s Party and so on) which in some circles have put the Irish music scene on the map.

One of the most promising bands to emerge from Ireland is Dublin quartet Driveway. Their latest release (‘South Ossetia’) is a short yet warming set of 90’s emo that takes its influence from the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral. Nevertheless despite this somewhat obvious influence, Driveway do show originality. ’33’ neatly blends the aforementioned influence with a raw punk urgency which gives the band a slight modern edge. 

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‘Jilt’ is a more relaxed affair with Andrew Kelly providing confident vocals throughout the five minute track and comes into his own when the track picks up the tempo with rousing energy. Whilst the odd use of samples proves to be effective.

Finally ‘School Year Separated’ shows the bands more lively, straight-up pop-punk side with decent harmonies but in comparison to the other tracks on offer here, this one comes off as a little messy. However the bands youthful spirit and relentlessness remains intact and to an extent saves the track.

Although it can be hard to make an impression in ten minutes but with ‘South Ossetia’, Driveway have proved their worth with an appreciative mix of 90’s emo and raw pop-punk that is rightly balanced and is not overdone. Driveway are certainly a band to take note of.


‘South Ossetia’ EP by Driveway is available now on Bandcamp and on cassette through Dog Years Records.

Driveway links: Facebook|Bandcamp|Tumblr

Words by Sean Reid

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