Album Review: Doctrines – ZE EP

If you’re familiar with Alcopop Records, then you’ll now they know great quirky indie-pop they hear it and Manchester four-piece Doctrines are now different. Their new Sci-Fi influenced EP, ‘ZE’ is a brash collection of shout-y vocals and twanging guitars with loose pop sensibilities. 

‘Climbing Yggdrasil (Everybody Loves Ray Kay)’ sets the bands sound out early on with wailing vocals courtesy of Jamie Birkett and complimentary guitars giving away to a bright and loose chorus, whilst all the while the band have a subtle chaotic tone that leaves you glued.

Jumping right into ‘Heads Like Empty Cans’ is ideal follow up, as the bands widdling, screeching guitars combine well with their intense delivery buts its on ‘Part III (Jacob Meets The Luvvites)’ where Doctrines come into their own. At six minutes long, they bring a summery delightful indie-pop gem that play off the bands raspy rawness, making the track feel more genuine and authentic.

The final track ‘Happily (N)ever After’ starts off more tender and raw before going into a thriving, edgy middle with affective breakdowns that build on the bands intensity until the end.

With an intriguing sound and interesting mix, Doctrines have produced a compelling EP that takes a bunch of ideas and somehow puts them in one appreciative orderly mess. Though its not perfect and given a few tweaks, Doctrines could certainly be ready to make their mark further down the line.


‘ZE’ EP by Doctrines is available now on Alcopop Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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