Album Review: Dialects – LTKLTL EP

I’ll start off this review by saying I think instrumental music, especially of the post-rock variety, can be taken two different ways. It can either be mesmerising with the ability to stir up some form of ecstatic reaction or it can be simple and pretty standard with little to no effect on the listener. Glaswegian four-piece Dialects thankfully produce the former on this debut effort.

‘LTKLTL’ or ‘Let The Kids Light These Lanterns’ takes you on a short yet immersive musical journey over 23 minutes. It’s energetic opening of screeching, looping guitars ease off into a plucky, accessible section before stirring instrumentation plays it’s way in. It ebbs and flows to the point that you’re slightly excited to hear what else the EP had to offer.


Next ‘Unknown Orbit’ takes a similar approach albeit a more sonically defined one. Throw in a hint of prog and math, and you’re left with a track that is startling. If there’s any track on here that pinpoints the quartets fine musicianship, it’s ‘Unknown Orbit’. That’s not saying the remainder of the EP doesn’t offer as much.

‘Good Luck Felix’ swoons in with light, breezy guitars and steady tempo leading up to dominating drum fills and distant vocals. Whilst (semi-)title track, ‘Let The Kids’, once again highlights Dialects well-structured sound. This is emphasised by swelling guitars before squeaking riffs and dense guitar loops come into play. Whilst their rhythm section provide a subtle, calming groove to the proceedings.

‘Spectacular Supernova’ rounds off the EP in a positive manner. It’s refrained tempo gives way in an explosive fashion as the band’s impressive riffing is showcased once again. As a unit, Dialects play off each other well and when the swelling edgy guitars come back in half way through, you realise how immersed you are in their sound.

When the final plucky guitars reverberate in your ears, you’re left wanting a bit more. Nevertheless Dialects have set out a good position for themselves on ‘LTKLTL’. Its well-balanced mix of soft and loud moments keep you on your toes and keep you compelled throughout. Sure the restraints of the instrumental post- and math-rock genres do crop up now and then, but Dialects sound like a band who are willing to challenge them and themselves as musicians.

Having recently shared the stage with Mutiny on the Bounty and Maybeshewill in the past, Dialects are a welcomed edition to the instrumentalists fraternity. One that we’ll be looking to hear more of in the coming months.


‘LTKLTL’ by Dialects is out now.

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Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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