Album Review: Devil in Me – Soul Rebel

Devil in Me - Soul RebelPortuguese hardcore crossover merchants Devil in Me are back with ‘Soul Rebel’, their fourth album of predictably punky thrashy hardcore, which will no doubt please faithful fans and probably attract a few new ones, but, lamento te dizer amigos, left this reviewer a little cold.

It’s by no means a bad record, the band are obviously a talented bunch, with opening track ‘Soul Rebel’ being a catchy slice of heavy-arsed hardcore that thrashes along in style. However, the rest of the album continues in pretty similar style and tempo with tracks like ‘Knowledge is Power’ and the old-school ‘Monster’ being particularly repetitive.

There is plenty of good heavy straight-ahead riffing, as on tracks like ‘Warriors’, it’s just that it is all a bit same-y in its aggressiveness, even down to the titles/themes: ‘Born to Battle’, ’S.Y.G (Stand Your Ground)’ and ‘Blood and Rage’. I guess that for me the whole thing is a bit lacking in terms of hooks and interesting twists; it’s not bad, just nothing special.

I’m sure that for those who like their rock straight with no chaser, this record will be a winner; it’s heavy and punky and the guys are talented, but personally speaking it didn’t do it for me – desculpa!


‘Soul Rebel’ by Devil in Me is out now on Impericon Records.

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Words by Edward Layland (@EdwardLayland)


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