Album Review: Depth – Waiting For The Waves

When listening to the Norwich four piece Depth’s new EP (‘Waiting For The Waves’) I can’t help but think they should have released this EP back in the early 2000’s as it would have been lapped up by many a fan of the British music scene. Sounding like a perfect mixture of Funeral For A Friend and the now disbanded The Hurt Process, they bring all the similar traits: melodic and screaming vocals, intricate guitar work and heavy drums.

Starting with the heavy sounding Hope In Mind’ it’s a mixture of heavy guitars, some melodic leads and pounding drums. The soaring vocals come through thick as well with frontman Paul Hardy sounding sickeningly sweet and emotive at the same time.

‘Waiting For The Waves’ sounds like it’s just been pulled from the FFAF back catalogue with the jaunty guitar riffs and mixture of screaming and melodic singing it really does sound creepily like FFAF. But the song All I Know’ is a standout track as the guitar work mixed with the double bass drums running throughout the song sound great together.

The last two tracks of the EP ‘Second Chances’ and ‘Whispers’ have all the good aspects from the previous songs, the melodic vocals and the heavy guitar riffs and the galloping sound drums on Second Chances’ as well make them standout.

What Depth have created is a good EP, with some more work on their sound to try not to sound too much like FFAF and create their own unique sound they could have a good thing going here.


‘Waiting For The Waves’ by Depth is available on October 29th through all digital stores.

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Words by Aaron Wilson.

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