Album Review: Daylight – The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams EP

Another fine talent under Run For Cover’s wing, Pennsylvania’s Daylight deliver us another cracking EP in the form of ‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams.’

This third EP offering brings about a tinge of Nirvana delicately laced together with Balance And Composure and then rouged up with some Ned Russin of Title Fight vocals. Of course, there’s still the more gentle moments such as ’On The Way To Dads’ which juxtapositions the soft and the grit vocals in a seemingly effortless way. ’Hungry At A Funeral’ follows a similar suit, delivering an intro as delicate as those moments that Balance And Composure can guarantee us before the vocals enter and deliver some passionate vocals.

It’d be a safe bet to say that all these songs were carefully written and constructed as it certainly feels that way. Each line and riff feels in its right place and that’s such a pleasure for our ears to behold. None of the songs are complicated or filled with anything unnecessary. Everything is how it should be.

Daylight have delivered once again and if there’s anything to conclude with it’s that their debut will be very welcomed. That and it’ll be absolutely fantastic if this is anything to go by.


‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ by Daylight is out now on Run For Cover Records.

Daylight links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Michael Brown.


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