Album Review: Cry Havoc – New Life EP

Album Review: Cry Havoc – New Life EP

imageUK heavy metal rockers Cry Havoc are quickly gaining a reputation for their high-octane live shows and want to prove their metal chops on their début EP ‘New Life.’ This four track EP is packed with energy and is not trying to be anything but metal.

Starting things off is ‘Losing Everything’; crashing cymbals and staccato drums clash into super fast paced guitar riffs, immediately announcing their classic metal sound. Vocalist Gavin Bolt has a very interesting style, almost a hybrid growl yell that goes right along with their sound. There are some melodic moments here and there, but screaming is the go-to sound here.

Next up is ‘Ignition’, which starts off with a strange, desolate, almost western-sounding solo picking on the guitar, paired with some creepy whispering and softly crashing cymbals and is a huge departure from the first track. This quickly switches to a harsher sound, but the lyrics and vocals turn it into a monotonous mess. Minus the great moments of classic 80’s hair metal, the clichéd lyrics and never-changing vocals make it boring.

‘Alone’ and ‘New Life’ aren’t very distinct and come together in the same way, with the same type of vocals and the same type of instrumentals. While the instruments throughout the EP are very strong – intense and complicated with creativity- the lyrics are contrived and the vocals are uninteresting and overshadow the talent in the band.

It’s almost as if Bolt doesn’t want us to know he can sing. There are several moments throughout ‘New Life’ that let us get a few notes of clear vocals but they’re quickly covered up with a gravelly yell, something that seems to be artificially applied to fit a genre. Which is strange, since metal and clean, melodic vocals go together wonderfully.

All in all, Cry Havoc’s ‘New Life’ is a classic example of metal. The band isn’t trying to push boundaries and seems stuck in their influences, which they list as Guns N Roses and Pantera, among others. This gives the EP a dated sound that may be great for die-hard, purist metal fans, but for those of you who are more interested in some of the newer music trends along with old favourites, it may not be what you’re looking for.


‘New Life’ by Cry Havoc is released on 15th April.

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Words by Jenny Gagas (@Jenny_herself)

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