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imageCrown Jewel Defense are an American four piece power-pop glam-metal band from California. The band are embarking on a UK tour in January, after the release of this self-titled album; with support acts Octane OK and Tantrum To Blind.  

Crown Jewel Defense are slowly climbing their way to stardom, and have already supported superstars All Time Low, The Darkness, Young Guns and Foxy Shazam on international tours. This dedicated hard-working band are certainly something special and deserve some recognition from the UK. 

The self titled album ‘Crown Jewel Defense’ is an electrifying pop-metal record; combining classic rock with the aggression and technical voracity of modern metal, all thrown together with pop melodies and upbeat lyrics. The album is filled with outstanding instrumentals, heavy beats and catchy choruses. The band has certainly found their own unique sound. 

The record begins with ‘I Guess’, an awesome fast-paced upbeat track starring awesome electric guitar riffs and an extremely catchy chorus. This progresses with ‘Alive Again’ a more emotional classic rock track, with deep vocals and heavy drums. 

One of the highlights from the album is ‘All I Need,’ another fast-paced metal track, with a ferocious melody and punchy vocals. The song showcases outstanding instrumental work with a deep rocky beat and thrilling guitar riffs. The vocals from Taylor Hood are simply electrifying and is reminiscent of an 80’s metal style. 

The other favourite is the hit ‘Always The Same’ with its mesmerising melody and hard-hitting speedy beat. The song showcases exceptional American metal vocals and extreme talent on the guitars and drums. 

This continues with ‘Metal Rain’, a gloomy heavy metal track which begins with trance like sounds that smash into electrifying guitar riffs and over lapping eerie dark toned vocals.   The rest of the album continues to follow the band’s unique style with a mix of dark rock tracks and upbeat metal tunes; with catchy lyrics and amazing instrumentals. 

The album closes with ‘Guns and Run’ which is a unique track, with a more pop-style sound, and use of country folk instruments. The track is almost trance like with the beat of the drums and slow-paced vocals. 

Crown Jewel Defense are an electrifying mix of 80’s classic rock from the likes of AC/DC with modern metal such as Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold. This combination makes them a true hit. With a similar style to The Darkness, but screaming more talent and tantalising you with the extremely catchy lyrics and heavy metal tunes. This up-and-coming American band is certainly going to rock the UK and we recommend any classic rock or metal lovers to give them a listen! 


‘Crown Jewel Defense’ by Crown Jewel Defense is released on January 14th through Hero Stone Records.

Crown Jewel Defense links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)

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