Album Review: Campfires – Campfires EP

Campfires - CampfiresDunno if you’ve noticed, but pop-punk’s been on quite the hot streak recently, especially the homegrown variety. In the space of about two years, the UK scene has gone from a virtual non-entity to producing bands like Neck Deep who can go toe-to-toe with pretty much any of the scene leaders across the pond.

The well doesn’t seem to be drying up either, as new talent is still making its way above ground. Enter Aberdeen’s Campfires who, on this self-titled debut EP, show they can pack enough punch to become a welcome addition to the UK’s ever-growing roster.

There’s nothing really innovative about Campfires’ sound – the likes of ‘Same Streets’ and ‘Pure Gold’ have absolutely nothing that Neck Deep haven’t done before, but it’s pulled off with such an earnestness and likeability that it’s hard to begrudge them.


Even while, in the long run, they might struggle to stick out from the crowd given the restrictions of their sound, songs like ‘Like A Cancer’ are genuinely huge, and will hopefully be enough to see Campfires progress a little further at the very least.

Regardless, with this and ROAM’s debut full-length both due in January, it’s a fitting indication that pop-punk’s run of rude health doesn’t look to be slowing in the New Year.


‘Campfires EP’ by Campfires is released on 15th January.

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Words by Luke Nuttall(@nuttall_luke)

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