Album Review: Burn Daylight – Young Lions EP

Burn Daylight is an earnest, Essex-based folk-punk singer-songwriter in the style of Dave House, writing songs about his surroundings like Apologies I Have None with the catchy hooks of Frank Turner. It sounds like a great mix, right? Well it most certainly is. ‘Young Lions’ is the latest release from this underground acoustic artist, and one that is sure to garner more attention for the young songwriter.

Opening up the EP is ‘Jane,’ a song name shared with a Loved Ones track and featuring the same passionate punk heart, albeit in acoustic form. There is world-weariness to the song that shines through and a yearning to document the everyday emotions of life and love.

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The inclusion of brass in ‘Euston Didn’t Know What It Was Missing’ brings to mind fellow Essex compatriot Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. The introspective and personal lyrics coupled with the delicately picked guitar melody may well be an imitation of Southend’s original pop-punk troubadour but it is done so well that you don’t really mind.

Following this is ‘New York And Me’ is a more upbeat, electric guitar based track, an anomaly on this EP but no less catchy. It is reminiscent of Frank Turner, ‘Poetry of the Deed’ era, with a definite poppy edge to it.

Closing the EP is the slower, smoother and more sombre title track, ‘Young Lions.’ A memorable and inspiring song featuring some great saxophone and the memorable refrain “we were young lions back then,” it is a powerful track to see off an impressive EP.

There is a lot to admire about the way Burn Daylight makes music. It is a DIY ethos and community-led approach that drives the entire punk scene forward and ‘Young Lions’ is the epitome of that. It’s a guy making music because he and his friends love doing it and that earns this reviewer’s respect. ‘Young Lions’ is an EP with a whole lot of heart and should be given a listen solely for that reason. Oh, and the tunes aren’t bad either.


‘Young Lions’ by Burn Daylight is available now on Bandcamp.

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Words by Tom White (@whiteywitters)

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