Album Review: Buried In Verona – Vultures Above, Lions Below

Championing a fresh approach, Buried In Verona’s 2015 incarnation make a contagious fifth full length well worth the transformation.

No strangers to adversity, the Sydney outfit have lost and replaced their lead guitarist, bassist and drummer since the start of the year. While the transition is audibly evident in its lighter, more accessible form, it’s as if this next generation comes quite naturally. A personification of the vocal playoff between Richie Newman’s soaring cleans and frontman Brett Anderson’s guttural uncleans, ‘Vultures Above, Lions Below’ takes the band’s legacy under its wing and stands its ground with pride.

Raising the bar high from the onset, towering opener ‘Vultures Above’ bursts forth with savage energy. Larger than life riffs accompanied by venomous gang vocals are a tried and tested formula for metalcore success, but this brand of contagion doesn’t surface often. “You cannot bury me,” barks ‘Dig Me Out’ amongst its quirky tech infusion, followed by the melodic destruction of a ‘Hurricane’, showcasing their talent at its heaviest.

“You fucking make me sick,” spits the opening line of ‘Separation’, drawing a versatile contrast with the reflective anthem to fading hope in ‘Can’t Be Unsaid’, wrought with emotional burden. ‘Done For Good’ similarly exclaims its disillusion through a towering stand-out anthem and an unexpectedly glittering tech opening.

Defiantly throwing its weight around, ‘Reflection’ appears punchy and venomous alongside the trudging reflection through ‘Pathways’, standing testament to guitarist Mark Harris’ worth. The brutal determination of ‘Bring Me Home’ allies itself with the relentless call to arms through ‘Unbroken’, each driving home an identity crisis between heartfelt melodies and blood-curdling screams. Closing on determined drum work to prove James Swanson’s deserving place among their rank, ‘Lions Below’ draws the curtain on a turbulent journey that made all the drama worthwhile.

Returning from the brink once again, Buried In Verona have made a defiant comeback, and from here on in, the only way is up.


’Vultures Above, Lions Below’ by Buried In Verona is out now on UNFD.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)

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