Album Review: Buen Chico – The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes


Buen Chico are certainly an out of the ordinary group, with a creative innovative sound. ‘The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes’ is an interesting mix of different sounds and styles mashed together.

The EP begins with upbeat indie track ‘The Golden Ones’, which has a speedy-pace and an eccentric clash of instrumental playing. The first thing to strike me about this band is the beautiful vocals from Morgan Tatchell-Evans. He has a soothing harmonious voice that catches your attention instantly.  The next track ‘This Is Just A Thing That I Am Doing’, is another speedy-beat track that stars terrific rocky guitar riffs. The band is highly musically talented, and they have certainly found their own unique style.

The favourite from the album is the innovative hit ‘Thinking About It’, which begins with a strange electro introduction, and then flows into a dream-like trance with echoing vocals. The track is of a different style to the album and has a wonderful ambient melody.

In all honesty, the vocals from Kirsty Dolan rub me up the wrong way. In some tracks her voice is not needed and it just spoils a hit song, such as in ‘This Is Just a Thing That I Am Doing’ and the title track ‘The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes’. However, her vocals in ‘Thinking About It’ are superb and flow with the track perfectly. The band needs to carefully choose when her vocals are needed.

Buen Chico are an alternative indie band with their own original style and sound. The band is clearly instrumentally talented, and they have created a diverse EP. With a few tweaks here and there the group could be an absolute smash hit.


‘The Patron Saints Of Lost Causes’ by Buen Chico is released on 22nd April on Philophobia Music.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)

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