Album Review: Bowling For Soup with The Dollyrots & Patent Pending – One Big Happy

Legends Bowling For Soup have teamed up with The Dollyrots and Patent Pending to release brand new compilation album ‘One Big Happy.’ The ten track record consists of new songs by each band along with covers of each other’s songs, overall conjuring up a fairly unique concept for a release. ‘One Big Happy’ also coincides with the One Big Happy Tour which sees all three bands travelling the UK & Ireland together.

Let’s start off with Bowling For Soup, who kick start the record with their brand new track ‘Let’s Go To The Pub.’ This track is very relatable to say the least, with its overly infectious and interactive lyrics: “We do this every weekend, we can never get enough, let’s go to the pub, pub!” Its rhythm section is very typical Bowling For Soup but it’s what they’re good at, producing non-serious, fun natured tracks. The band also cover The Dollyrots ‘My Heart Explodes’ and Patent Pending’s ‘Spin Me Around,’ both of which they interpret fantastically.

Up next is The Dollyrots, who I personally can’t take much of a liking to. All three tracks that they recorded for the release: their own ‘Just Like All the Rest;’ Bowling for Soup’s ‘The Bitch Song;’ and Patent Pending’s ‘Little Miss Impossible’ are all very credible but for me it’s the vocal style that I’m not a fan of. Musically the band is talented and works well with their genre but I would like them much more if the tone of the vocals was better suited.

Patent Pending is probably my favourite band on the record, releasing their brand new track ‘Psycho in Love’ along with Bowling For Soup’s ‘Shut Up And Smile’ and The Dollyrots ‘Hyperactive.’ Their best track is their version of ‘Shut Up And Smile,’ where their harmonies at the beginning and their interpretation in general make for a fantastic cover. For me it’s the standout track on the record.

‘Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya’ ends the record, performed by Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) and Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots.) This collaboration works in their favour, playing off each other and producing a worthy one off track.

‘One Big Happy’ is a very easy listening, sing-a-long record that is a dream for any Bowling For Soup, The Dollyrots and/or Patent Pending fan. It’s a really great concept that brings three bands together, all of whom were good friends to begin with. If you like one of the bands on the album then chances are you’ll like the other two: with the band’s interpretations complimenting the original versions, ‘One Big Happy’ makes for a good release with an even better concept.


‘One Big Happy’ by Bowling For Soup with The Dollyrots & Patent Pending is out now on Brando/Que-so Records.

Bowling For Soup links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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