Album Review: Blis. – Starting Fires In My Parents House EP

There’s something of a blueprint when it comes to making a successful EP. Make it short, make it sharp, make it memorable and make the audience want more. Get that right and you’re onto a sure-fire winner.

Blis. have clearly read the handbook, as ‘Starting Fires In My Parents House’ ticks all of the correct boxes, and while it doesn’t really add anything new to to the oversaturated emo revival movement is still an accessible and exciting EP which points to an exciting future for the Atlanta quartet.

Only four songs long, ‘Starting Fires In My Parents House’ is overflowing with personality. From the jangly emo of ‘Savannah’ to the more assured and aggressive ‘Floating Somewhere High and Above’, with its distant, screamed, backing vocals, it’s clear Blis. aren’t afraid to mix things up, or play for a lowest common denominator easy win.

Elsewhere, ‘You Can Tell A Lot’ is a percussive heavy, repetitious drive which is hugely enjoyable and maddeningly infectious, despite its simplicity. Again, the distant, screamed vocals play a huge part in its success, but it’s clearly a winning formula. Finally, ‘Stationary’ is the real crowning glory. Perhaps slightly mathier than the rest of the EP (yet conversely more classically structured) it’s a beautifully arranged, brilliantly designed 4:30 seconds that ends sullenly and suddenly.

Overall, ’Starting Fires In My Parents House’ is the sort of release that makes you excited for new bands and new music, and in keeping proceedings so short and sweetBlis. have ensured their next steps will be eagerly anticipated.


’Starting Fires In My Parents House’ EP by Blis. is out on now on Soft Speak

Blis. links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)

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