Album Review: Bleeding Through – The Great Fire

Releasing their seventh album, ‘The Great Fire’ through Rise Records, Bleeding Through has come back with a very strong and memorable record. 

The band is predominantly classified as heavy metal, yet they are musically influenced by the roots of other genres including melodic death metal. This is heavily reiterated throughout ‘The Great Fire’ with melodic keyboards complimenting the darker sounds produced by the other band members. The melodic sections of the album break up the songs nicely and give the listener a breather from the heavier guitar riffs and screamed vocals. 

Opening track “The March” immediately sets the dark, mystical tone of the album, running straight into “Faith and Fire” producing four minutes of sheer excellence. The initial seconds of the album are gripping enough, later kicking into a strong drum beat and dramatic riffs with no appearance from frontman Brandan Schieppati during the first song. This instrumental opening screams out that Bleeding Through have arrived, and that they are back to make an impact.

The bands riffs are far from monotonous and would make any metal fan want to tear up a moshpit, or at least participate in some sort of movement. The riffs encapsulate the talent that Bleeding Through exercise, in particular the guitar solos by lead guitarist Dave Nassie. The only criticism I have of the album is that the structure of the songs is reasonably predictable; however this doesn’t take away from the efforts that have been gone in to making the album.

Despite being influenced by modern hardcore punk, “Walking Dead” introduces a softer opening and ending with the appearance of the melodic keyboards; however this song doesn’t shy away from their predominant influences throwing in some heavy riffs, hardcore screams and double bass drum pedals. This presents the varied ability and creativity of the band, exerting their enthusiasm for combining heavier and softer sounds. 

Although most of the songs on the album are less than 3 minutes long, I don’t feel like the album is over before it’s started; it captured my attention from the start of the first track right to the end of the last, something that not many albums achieve in my eyes. Each track on the album captures the essence of their influences, yet Bleeding Through manages to present a unique edge that not many bands can conquer. Their hard work and passion for music is reflected from start to finish and the band have produced a very worthwhile record. 

‘The Great Fire’ is a record that will not only strengthen the respect of old fans; it has the audacity to reach new fans with its refreshing metal sounds, promising Bleeding Through the response that they are hoping for. This is an album I can imagine rediscovering in the future and getting the same buzz that I felt during the initial listen. Overall a fantastic, well-written album that metal fans should appreciate. 


‘The Great Fire’ by Bleeding Through is available now on Rise Records.

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Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)

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