Album Review: Big Awesome – Birdfeeder EP

Big Awesome is a mighty proposition as band names go, but this three-piece are trying their best to put their money where their mouth is with their debut EP ‘Birdfeeder.’ With comparisons to nineties emo and Braid especially, they have a lot to live up to with Birdfeeder, and for a debut, self-released EP, they sound remarkably complete and focussed. 

‘Grey’s Birthday’ flutters along airily á la Jack’s Mannequin, with dreamy, carefree guitars creating the perfect road trip song. There is a recklessness and genuine euphoria to the track which is refreshing. 

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Bass led title track ‘Birdfeeder’ is a slightly different proposition. Sharper, harsher gang vocals are present against the loose, melodious guitar sound which has gained a slightly jagged edge. Discordant in places, but never unnecessarily, the track earns its’ status as lead single by being catchy.

‘Drawing A Line In The Sand’ is more classically punk rock, with obvious hints of The Menzingers about it. Punchier and more aggressive than the rest of the EP, this song shows a band with much potential and a varied style. 

Closing track ‘Living With Love’ is a bitter, punk track and a fitting conclusion. The track fizzes along nicely without a true explosion, a long fuse without a detonation. This shows not a failure in song writing however, but a refinement to the sound that Big Awesome put onto record. There is a knowing intelligence to the tracks that always keeps them sounding fresh.

This is an EP of contrasting sounds; it veers from the peaceful to the chaotic, the low-energy to the high-energy but always retains a sense of perspective and is fun to listen to as well. It crams a lot into its’ four tracks and makes for a very promising album appetiser indeed.  Big Awesome? They’re on their way, definitely. 


‘Birdfeeder’ EP by Big Awesome is available now on Bandcamp.

Big Awesome links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Tom White (@WhiteyWitters)

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