Album Review: Bear Arms – New Skin EP

Musical maths here folks: Slamming together the delicate and euphoric moments of Flood Of Red multiplied by the heartwarming passion, dedication and riffs of early Biffy Clyro, squared by some slick and well executed post hardcore equals what? Bear Arms, of course! Did you not listen in school?

Bear Arms are surely a post hardcore band at heart, but plenty of other elements delve in and out of the mix for a truly compelling listen. The intricate layer of each instrument combines to create such a diverse sound that the word compelling has never been so well applied. On top of all that is the dual vocals, which range from the gentle and soothing to the determinedly raging and certain stops in between, dipped in that sweet Scottish charm that slips through so beautifully.

‘Cities’ rampages through it’s namesake like Godzilla before pausing at the chorus to belt out a chorus that’s so captivating and home hitting, whilst the hidden track on ‘The Apple And The Tree’ has a much more distinct sound of reversed guitars and emotive lyrics enough to influence a young Thom Yorke.

It’s this range that’s showcased in ‘New Skin’ that really demonstrates Bear Arms of having plenty of options and a diverse ability to create and craft these songs to comfort or alarm whatever mood you’re in. This certainly won’t be their best effort in years to come. Watch them grow, evolve and develop before more and more people start to take notice.


‘New Skin’ by Bear Arms is out now on Struggletown Records.

Bear Arms links: Facebook|Twitter|YouTube|Bandcamp

Words by Michael Brown (@MikeyMiracle)

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