Album Review: Backmasker – Effigies EP

Album Review: Backmasker – Effigies EP

imageBackmasker are a four piece American punk band hailing from California. Whilst listening to their new EP release ‘Effigies’ you instantly recognise this small-time band is a passionate talented bunch that have a true love for the music they produce. The EP begins with ‘Firestarter’ ,a speedy-paced heavy punk track with a punchy melody. The song is graced with outstanding instrumental talent on the drums, guitar and bass and is filled with electrifying guitar riffs.

The tracks ‘Black and Grey’ and ‘Leaver’ follow in the same fast-paced style with a heavy beat. The vocals from lead singer Curt Baer have the typical raw edge with a strong powerful presence. Although these three tracks are good, they are nothing special. Backmasker has failed to create that mesmerising influential hook that makes you listen time and time again. The tracks lack diversity and innovation, causing them to all sound the same.

The favourite from the EP is ‘Desolation Lake’ which (unlike the others) has you undeniably hooked. It carries on the same style as the other tracks, but has a more pop-punk rock feel. The song has a catchy chorus that allows you to sing along, and the melody is simply mesmerising. The track is well structured and the synchronising of instruments makes it a real delight.

The record finishes on ‘Expiration’, an exhilarating track with a super explosive melody and beat. The chorus is impressively passionate and crammed with emotion. Following obyn the same level as ‘Desolation Lake’, this track is certainly a top smash hit.


‘Effigies’ EP by Backmasker is available now on Creator-Destructor Records.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly

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