Album Review: Away Days – Away Days EP

Being in a band can have its twists and turns. For most people, the aim is to turn your hobby into a career, spending life constantly on the road or in the studio. With two albums, several EPs and dozens of shows over nine years, Blitz Kids achieved that yet their success came out a cost; their musical freedom.

Away Days marks a new chapter for three-quarters of Blitz Kids; Jono Yates, Matt Freer and Nic Montgomery, one where they are released from the creative constraints that hindered BK’s later output. Having opted for a thorough DIY approach, Away Days are no longer moulded by those above and are firmly in control.

As for the EP itself, the four tracks on offer serve as an emotional release for its members. With a lyrical spine of frustration and relief, the trio have a renewed vigour for their craft. Opening cut ‘Messiah’ thrives on an upbeat tempo and big guitars with Yates’ providing soaring vocals that are full of confidence. It’s a style that continues throughout the EP especially on ‘Give Me My Life Back’.

‘Through The Night’ highlights Yates and company’s former frustrations; spending years chasing down a dream for nothing and being satisfied to call time on Blitz Kids, “relived to put this to bed.”

The EP’s most honest moment comes in the form of ‘I Look Alright (But I’m Not)’ and sees Yates addressing how false people can be and how lonely it can be even when your name is up in lights. Complimented by an acoustic guitar, he gives an intimate look into his past as he puts that period to bed.

Whilst lyrically frank, the trio don’t, for the most part, stylistically stray far from their old band yet it’s that aforementioned renewed confidence that ultimately serves as the difference.


‘Away Days’ EP by Away Days is out now on Speaking Tongues.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)

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