Album Review: Architects – Daybreaker

It’s here; ‘Daybreaker’ is finally with us.

Architects have admittedly said that ‘The Here And Now’ wasn’t their best effort and that they weren’t comfortable or satisfied when they had recorded it. I’m not too fussed what they say about ‘Daybreaker’ because for me, it’s absolutely phenomenal and I’d find it hard for anyone who’s a fan of the band not to think that this is probably their best effort.

Ok, so ‘Hollow Crown’ was up there as well of course, so it’s only a struggle deciding because Architects are genuinely a really great band. ‘But why so?!’ you ask, as if you’ve been living in a dark cave with ear plugs in until now.‘Daybreaker’ is, essentially, fucking well heavy mate. Like, ridiculously. To the point that your ears will melt and drip onto your shoulders and you’ll never be able to wear strappy/tank tops again because your shoulders will look ridiculous. The melodies are back in well. Those beautifully crafted technical melodies are all throughout this album and welcomed back with open arms by the absolute chaos and devastation that these songs have. Every breakdown is expertly executed and those rough vocals. Holy heck Sam Carter, way to BLOW MY MIND.

Sam certainly steps up his game, showcasing his familiar shouting with all the rough and gruff of the beard of the manliest lumberjack in the thickest forest of Canada. Whilst fighting off a bear with one hand. Oh, and some soothing vocals. Think of a metaphor opposite to the one I had in that other sentence back there and everything will be right. Both of the textures are crafted and placed in matrimonial harmony with everything else going; they’re always used at the best moment they could be.

This is a very near perfect album. I’d like to see more of the tech and grit instead of the slower songs but that’s just personal opinion and I think this diversity is probably favoured by the majority. If you’re a big fan of the band and particularly their older stuff ie ‘Hollow Crown’ then this album could easily be your album of the year. Heck, it should be. It’ll definitely be in your top 10 at least. 

And with this closing paragraph I’d just like to make it crystal clear that with ‘Daybreaker,’ Architects have proven that they’re one of the best British bands we have. Be proud, Great Britain.


‘Daybreaker’ by Architects is out now on Century Media Records.

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Words by Michael Brown (@MikeyMiracle)

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