Album Review: Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, so it’s time we let the expert Architects handle it.

Following 2014’s opus ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ somehow hasn’t phased the Brighton quintet. Such a breathtaking return to glittering form left an uncertain future for this seventh studio venture, but happily it not only remains on par with its predecessor but ‘All Our Gods…’ stands on its own two immortal feet.

Contagious opener ‘Nihilist’ with ethereal breakdowns and goosebump-inducing deep tones shows a distinct progression in the last two years. This outfit is tighter than ever and it’s a perfect fit, especially when frontman Sam Carter’s acid tongue is free to run away with itself through the visceral ‘Deathwish’. ‘All Love Is Lost’ proves a definite departure from ‘LF//LT’ with a fresh, slower melodic rhythm, while reverent echoes of ‘Red Hypergiant’ slink alongside punishing high notes in ‘From The Wilderness’.


In space nobody can hear Alex Dean’s bass screaming amid ‘Phantom Fear’, before the soaring solidarity anthem ‘Downfall’ promises a war of divine proportions. “Hope is a prison,” cries out the lingering sentiment of devastating ‘Gone With The Wind’ with a welcome clean vocal interlude, while the echoing vacuum of ‘The Empty Hourglass’ allows voluminous chants to blast their way to the front row.

Consistent instrumental artistry shows destruction never sounded so good through the tricksy stringmanship of lead single ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ and the cavernous ‘Gravity’. The towering tiered melody and phenomenal sticksmanship of epic 8-minute closer ‘Momento Mori’ seals the deal – with boundless energy and a lasting sentiment to be mindful of death, this is a new era worthy of rapturous applause.

With significantly fewer “blergh”s but a respectful nod to 2014’s game-changing output, the beautifully chaotic talents throughout ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ reinforce Architects as storming frontrunners for their generation and doubtless future festival headliners.


’All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ by Architects is released on May 27th on Epitaph Records.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)

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