Album Review: Archimedes, Watch Out! – In Context

“From the label that launched The Swellers” reads the press release for Texan pop-punkers Archimedes, Watch Out!’s latest release ‘In Context’. This interested me, if a label liked what I argue to be The Swellers’ best work with ‘My Everest’ chances are this won’t be half bad.

I was right! What Archimedes, Watch Out! have done here is released a pretty solid début in a genre I often find over saturated with bands that all sound alike. Now I’m not saying this is perfect, but for what it is it’s pretty damn good.

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The record starts off well with ‘What About Smee’ a fast paced introduction to the band, it’s got a lot going for it, the vocals are spot on and carry the song for me. The guitars follow along and it all blends together to make an inoffensive opener.

The songs continue on in this fashion, its sort of a post ‘Upsides’ The Wonder Years sound meets the synthy parts of Motion City Soundtrack, the song titles are what I’m guessing are mostly in jokes and some of them wear their influences on their sleeve; ‘Mike Dexter Is A Bad Role Model’ which obviously reminds you instantly of the similarly titled Wonder Years track.

The highlight of the record comes with ‘Holding Out For Hours’ which channels the best parts of the record into four and a half minutes, it’s massive chorus, evokes memories of sunny days and road trips with best friends, it’s got all a good pop punk song needs.

‘In Context’ closes with ‘Sullivan’ another strong track on the record, it has an excellent chorus that gets stuck in your head, although it does have something i loathe, gang shouts, but it seems to be a staple of the genre, so I’ll let it slide.

Overall ‘In Context’ is a decent exercise in what I often see as a very busy scene with a lot of bands playing rehashed Wonder Years songs. Archimedes, Watch Out! however manage to stand out a little from that with some great choruses, strong vocals and musicianship throughout and the synth helps them sound a little more original. It’s not going to change the world, but it’s a strong début and when the weather warms up a little I’ll be sure to play it some more.


‘In Context’ by Archimedes, Watch Out! is available now on Search And Rescue Records.

Archimedes, Watch Out! links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Ryan Clayton

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