Album Review: American Wolf – Tales of Kamanakera

When you’ve had a hard day at work and you want nothing more than some time to relax and wind down the first thing some people turn to is music. One band in which you should definitely check out after a stressful hard day’s work is American Wolf. If you’re a fan of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra and like you’re slowed down chilled out acoustic guitar sounding music then this album is for you.

Opening track ‘House of Zyer’ is a mixture of guitar feedback to start with leading into what sounds like a group of people talking and laughing with some slow acoustic tones added on top. Blending perfectly into ‘Brave New Machine’ the song flows quite dreamlike with flourishes of acoustic guitar tones, synths and frontman Sal Plant’s whispering vocals it’s a definite stand out track on the album.

Songs like ‘See you in LA, America’ and ‘Tales of Kamanakera’ slow things down alot more on the album. With interwoven slow acoustic guitars and atmospheric keyboards in the background the songs paint a picture of a serene dream like backdrop that any listener could get lost in. The album finishes with ‘Don’t Shake Your Head’, it’s a slow mix of twin guitars and soft vocals as Sal sings “the seasons are changing once again and yet I stay the same” it finishes the album off perfectly.

I can guarantee if you listen to this album just before going to sleep you will be asleep after the third song, what American Wolf has made is a good chillout acoustic album that everyone will enjoy.


Tales of Kamanakera’ by American Wolf is out now.

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Words by Aaron Wilson

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