Album Review: All Get Out – Nobody Likes A Quitter

Five years away from doing the thing you really love is bad enough for the average Joe, but for a musician it must be hell. That’s been the case for Nathan Hussey of All Get Out. Half a decade since his band’s now cult debut ‘The Season’ and a few mundane hours of retail work under his belt, Hussey is back with a new perspective, a new lease of life and new music. Don’t expect things to be the same as they used to be though.

‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’ is an interesting piece of work. Many songwriters cut themselves open and pour their heart into their songs but Hussey does so in such a way that feels like he is learning as much about himself writing the music as we do listening to it. Gone is the angst of All Get Out’s early work and in its place is a gentle, somber sound that lingers in the ear rather than rips it off. That’s not to say it isn’t any less tearful and honest.

‘Room To Talk’ and ‘Whatever’ saunter along gorgeously with steady guitars and rounded sentimentality while the warts and all lyricism of ‘Now You Got It’ sends a chill up the spine. A good album makes you question everything while you listen but also makes it near impossible to ignore or forget it. ‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’ is exactly that kind of album.

‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’ is a beautifully poignant and brilliantly restrained slice of retrospective indie-rock. With a kink in its step and an abundance of life lessons being churned out, Hussey has crafted an album worthy of All Get Out’s five year absence but also one that shows levels of progression and maturity that transforms these good songs in to great songs.


‘Nobody Likes A Quitter’ by All Get Out is released on 28th October on Bad Timing Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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