Album Review: A Will Away – Bliss EP

A Will Away - Bliss EPTriple Crown Records have been on a bit of a roll recently and, following on from the gorgeous efforts by Foxing and Caspian, A Will Away’s ‘Bliss’ offers something altogether more immediate but no less enjoyable.

Having previously been released by Quiet Fire Media back in March, it’s also a timely reminder for those who missed it on its original debut, and the jump to Triple Crown will ensure a much larger audience for a band on the cusp of breaking out.

Bliss by A Will Away

Taking elements of indie, pop, pop-punk and emo, there’s little new to be heard on ‘Bliss’, but there’s also plenty to like about it. Recalling bands such as Moose Blood, and in moments labelmates Tiny Moving Parts, ‘Bliss’ is an engaging, undemanding listen which, thanks to its breezy run time and easy hooks, warrants repeated listens.

And, while ‘Bliss’ remains easily accessible and easy to identify within a genre, it’s promising to see a young band emerge with their own sound, rather than aping what is currently in trend. There’s a rawness to songs such as ’10 or 11’ which sets them apart from their peers and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.


‘Bliss’ by A Will Away is released on November 13th on Triple Crown Records.

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Words by Rob Mair (@BobNightMair)

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