Advertising on Already Heard is Available

We offer a range of advertising options. These options can be combined to fit your needs.

1. Sidebar Ad – An image-based advertisement will appear on the side of the Already Heard website permanently (until an agreed final date.) This image will be linked to your preferred webpage. Price: £5 per week.
2. Sponsored Post – We will produce a one-off post advertising your product on our site. This post will be pushed to our various Social Media channels and will be permanently linked to on the Already Heard homepage. Price: £30 per post.
3. Social Media Post – We will schedule regular social media posts advertising your product/service through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The amount of posts and when they are scheduled will be agreed when negotiated. Price: £5 per post.
4. Sponsored Video SessionAlready Heard regularly produces original video content. A sponsored video post will see your product/service be mentioned at the start and end of a AH session video with links to your product/service included in the caption of the video. Price: £10 per post.

Please contact us to discuss any other possible advertising ideas you may have.

If you are interested in advertising with Already Heard, please contact Sean Reid for further information.

About Already Heard

Already Heard is a UK-based alternative music website covering the latest news, reviews, features, videos, exclusives and more.

The site is run by a dedicated and honest group of music fans based all over the United Kingdom and who are passionate about promoting the very best in rock, punk, hardcore, pop-punk, emo, indie, metal and much more.

Since it’s formation in April 2012, Already Heard’s audience continues to grow monthly, both in terms of views, page visits and social media followers.

By producing engaging, original content on a daily basis, Already Heard is quickly becoming one of the most respected and fastest growing websites in the alternative music scene.

Demographic Info:
18 – 24: 34.41%
25 – 34: 47.14%
35 – 44: 10.45%
45 – 54: 4.76%
55 – 64: 2.18%
65+: 1.07%

Male: 76.3% | Female: 23.7%

Country: (Top 10)
United Kingdom: 51.28%
United States: 23.77%
Germany: 2.73%
Canada: 2.56%
Australia: 2.00%
France: 1.33%
Russia: 1.10%
Ireland: 1.01%
Netherlands: 0.82%
Italy: 0.81%

Further information about Already Heard is available on request.

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